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I Went On A Bender Today, Don't Tell Mom!


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I went on a bender today,

After bending the 5/16th HRS Round at 5” length I had to go to the steel store again and this time I bought a 5 foot piece of 3/8th HRS Round. I really need to let my hands and elbows recover but I can’t stop bending. It has become a real challenge not to try to best my last bend with something shorter or thicker. I am a mess. Anyway I brought it home this morning and after I read my daily devotional I couldn’t fight the urge to have a go at the new 3/8th so I cut it to 6” length wrapped it and proceeded to do a double underhand bend on it. After a couple short attempts I pulled it out of the wraps and rolled it across my work bench, it barely wobbled. :angry:

I don’t know if I was madder at myself or the steel. At this point I needed a quick bending fix and to release of tension that was fast approaching a mini rage. I grabbed a blue nail and from there it gets a little hazy, but when I finished I had the following strewn on the basement floor to pick-up and count which required me to take my shoes of and use both my fingers and toes. Yes I did pitch me a royal fit to temper tantrum like a kid in Wal-Mart, the grocery store or any toy store you have ever been in. It was awful so not one of you better mention this to my mom or she will tear my ass up with a switch like she did when I showed my behind a few times as a small kid.

Here is what I had bent in my few minutes of unbridled rage just as fast as I could slip in the suede pre-wraps I made up.

I just kept going even when my rubber bands broke on my wraps and the rods where slipping around I just held tighter because I was there to kick ass and chew bubblegum and I was all out of bubblegum. By the way this is all I had on hand and it just gets silly when you start bending air nails.

2 - Blue nails cut to 5” lengths

5 – Blue nails regular 6” lengths

4 – Yellow nails regular 7” lengths

3 – 5/16th Round HRS at a length of 6”

1 - 5/16th Round HRS at a length of 5”

6 – ¼“ Round HRS at a length of 5”

Then I must have gone psychotic because I snatched up a RED nail and after a couple tries it barely made a wobble when rolled on a flat surface. :angry:

I don’t think John Brookfield would advise this training method, but would this be considered what a bending for volume session is or is this not quite enough to be considered volume? Responses welcome and encouraged


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Good goin' Gator!

Air Bending - :laugh

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Those are some nice bends.

Especially the 5" blues are impressive.

So you did 21 nails + several attempts on thr Red?

Thats volume, yes!

If I'm doing volume sessions I'm aiming for 25 bends.

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