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A newbie question-not to step on any toes...

Rick Walker

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The last few days I have read a lot about calibration, whats what, whos who, COCs not being legit, and so on.

Let me tell you, the reason I left powerlifting and got into strongman and grip training was the POLITICS!  The "hey, his suit is better that is why he squatted more!" and so on.  I was lucky enough to be in Columbus when Chuck Vogelpohl squatted 1000 pounds at 220 pound bodyweight to break the all time record by Eddy Coan.  So much crap has come since then.  I was there-HIS SQUAT WAS LEGIT.

When I bought the COCs, #1-#3, I was under the impression that to close the #3 was awesome, that you were the man.  I set them aside to achieve other goals-Powerlifting-but have come back to them.  I still see #3 as the higher bar.  Not the top bar-but higher.  #4 is the top.

Nothing takes away from closing these grippers.  Not PDA calibration, not anything.

If you can close the #3 you are a BMF!!!  #4, and you are beyond words.  Lets not turn this into another political thing.  I am glad they dont have special gloves to increase your gripping ability-God knows, the COCs and PDA would be another joke to the strength world.

Ironmind and PDA make good grippers.  If you can close #3 or #4, you are the man.  End of Story, end of print.  

Rick Walker


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I wholeheartily agree, Rick!  :)   :D

Closing the IM #3 was a great achievement for me.  It didn't happen overnight, and I had to train real HARD to do it.

Take a #2 gripper around and see how many guys can close it.  Not that many.  I went into a nutrition store where I live, and these two guys were trying to close a #2.  They couldn't do it, and neither could anyone else that they knew.  They told me that they had 300 of their customers try - NOT ONE of them could close it!  They gave it to me, and I shut it like buttercake!!  They were astounded that ANYONE could do it!  I even wrote a whole post on this forum about it.

Yeah, closing the #3 is special.  Don't have anyone else tell you different.  It puts you in that "one percent of one percent".

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Guest RobbyTooSlobby

Thx alot Sybersnott for making those of us that can't close the #2 yet feel like sissys.   :crazy    j/k

Actually reading about how you did that makes me want to close them even more.

I also just want to say that any kind of lifting I do, I do for myself. Not for the glory but for my own enjoyment.  There will always be someone else stronger than me so I might as well just have fun learning and getting as strong as I can be.


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I agree Rick. Except on one thing.  Chuck's squat. It was high, he was using the Mono for side support, and how did he go from 900 to 1000 in such a short time if he didn't cut it high.  Org's that allow parallel or above parallel squats are bunk.  So, he probably did satisfy that org's crappy rules that make a mokery out of what I think real powerlifting is. But, that's for discussion on a board somewhere else.  :hehe  :hehe  :hehe

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Muscular Development in July 1993 told the story

of how Jimmy Pellechia bench pressed 1,015 lbs!

What? Well, yes, it was called 'an assisted bench press',

and your point? Oh, there were three men assisting. How?

Well their hands were allowed to touch the bar, but we

are getting real picky here, aren't we?

Exactly two years earlier, Flex told of how Jimmy

had performed an assisted bench with only 760 pounds.

A 255 pound increase in the bench in 24 months!

When the rules are relaxed, credibilty is taxed.

The other day I benched 1,911 lbs. I refuse to

acknowledge that my 300 lb friend with his hip-lifting

harness surrounding the middle of the bar as he stood

on the bench deserves any credit- he was only my


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PLUSA even alluded to it being suspect in my mind by saying he did a 848 at the semi's in the caption of the 1000lb partial. I mean squat.  :D

Whoops! Wrong board again.  :hehe  :hehe

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Guest girevik

I agree with you, too. Lifting shouldn't be so complicated. Like the quote from Erik Sauve in "Of Stones and Strength"- "When people lift bars, wheather they're squatting or benching, there's always questions: Was the form good? Did he break parallel? With a stone, it's either on your shoulder or not- not questions!"

"The struggle itself toward the heights is enough to fill a man's heart." -Steve Jeck.

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