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Pain Above The Wrist


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Well, I'm about halfway through KTA, my calluses are growing and so are my forearms! However, I've been feeling some pain in my right wrist/forearm. When looking at the back of my hand, the pain is localized on the right side of my forearm, about an inch above my wrist. I can feel it mostly when I squeeze something large (i.e. gripper, racket ball) and as I release it. I can feel some "stress" when squeezing just my empty hand, but no real pain. Does anyone know what this could be? I had similar feelings in my hands when starting KTA, but dexterity balls and hot/cold soaks helped get rid of them. I just recently got bigger buckets for soaking, so I've been trying to submerge my hands up to the level where the pain resides. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

To-Shin Do

P.S. I was massaging the web between thumb and index about a week ago. Where the heck did that muscle come from? KTA (despite the discomfort) does kick ass!

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I am not totaly sure but examine the way you close the grippers see if you add any upward movement in the wrist like you would if you were useing backpressure in armwrestling......if you are doing that as you close the gripper that may cause the problem.......and what are the chances that to grip guys live the same town lmao amazing.....

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A few weeks ago I got pain in the top of my right wrist from bending. I laid off of it for a week and did stretches for my wrist a few times a day, and it doesn't hurt anymore. I make sure to stretch my wrists before doing grip work or bending. Here are some good stretches:





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