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I have asked this on another board as well, but I figure the more people I ask the better!

:help I have had a niggling pain in my forearms for a couple of months now (felt like muscle tears from overdoing it), but it was only aggravated by grippers so I have been resting, using Muscle Rub and gentle powerball therapy, and not touching grippers.

The pain is now gone, so I've started gripping again, and I can't even close my #2! I can get it down to 1/4" but that's it. I was expecting some reduction in power, but not THIS much!

The thing is, I can also get my HG250, HG300, and RB260 all down to a 1/4 inch, but I have lost the ability to "finish" a gripper.

Can anyone offer advice? The only thing I can think of is getting my #1 back (I've sold it) and trying overcrushes. That's assuming I can even close it!

Following the advice of others I have increased the extensor workouts I am doing, does anyone have any other advice?

P.s. I have tried to use the search function, but I am crap! Sorry.

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Don't worry about it too much. I would take the two, close it as far as possible and then use your other hand or push your hand against your leg to finish it. Try to hold it shut, and then let it open as slowly as possible (negativges). Also consider getting another 2 or 1 and filing it. I recommend filing a two because you'll be closing that two regularly in no time. You have muscle memory and will get those gains back quickly.

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I`ve also noticed that any strenght gains gained by high-intensity,high-volume work produces a lot of power, but is quite quickly lost if not training. On the other hand,strenght gained by slow and boring regular training stays with you much longer. Keep on that #2 and don`t go overboard with volume,and you`ll soon get your strenght back. Getting desperate and gripping too much will only bring the pain back. As said muscle memory is a wondrous thing! But a lighter gripper like the #1 is good to have for warming-up or high reps in any case.

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if it only happens when gripping,and at the finish. maybe it has to do with a tendon,and when the tendon is pulled tight it hurts??? im not sure.

id stop gripping for awhile.

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You're just rusty. Give it time.

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This is just something that I have learned over the years relating to training pain. I have found that anytime we train hard. Hard enough to set new PR's and consistently push up poundages, we are going to experience pain. And the harder we push it, the more pain we are going to experience. Even as we get stronger, it takes even more intense work to become even stronger, and this will cause even greater pain at times.

The bottom line is this: If you are going to push yourself to the limits in trying to become strong - or to become stronger - then pain is going to be a part of your life. You have to learn to live with a certain amount of pain if you are going to push for increased strength. Sure, there are things we can do ease the pain now and then, but for the most part - you need to learn how to live with it! If it is not sometihing that is torn or injured, then just understand that it is your muscles and tendons way of saying, "Hey, what in the hell are you doing to me?"

I have trained hard my intire life and worked hard on my jobs as well. And for most of my life I have had to live with pain in my hands and arms due to both training and working. But I decided years ago that I would not let it stop me from either training for new PR's or interfere with my work. If you train hard and work hard, pain WILL be a part of your life.


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Do you have forearm pain all the time or mainly

just when you are doing intense grip work?

rjkd12 advice sounds good unless the pain gets

worse with intense gripper work.

Good Luck with your recovery and training.

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