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Eric Townsend Memorial Southwest Gripfest

Todd Kartchner

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Eric and I had planned on holding a grip competition out here in Arizona, and now that he's gone, I thought it was appropriate to hold the contest in his memory. I have been corresponding with his parents, and I have their blessing. They appreciate our willingness to honor Eric's memory and plan to attend the competition. It will be an all-day event, including a BBQ lunch.

The gripfest will include most of the standard events contested at the European contests and GGC (grippers, two-hand pinch, v-bar, RT, bending) as well as some different things (like a finger lift of some kind).

I know that many people will not be able to attend the event. As a way to include the many people on this board who would like to honor Eric in some way, anyone who cannot attend the event should make a goal to hit a major PR in a grip related event on November 5th. (Major goals like accomplishing a gripper cert or bending cert would be great, but any PR will do.) I will start a thread that morning, and people can add their accomplishments performed in Eric's memory during the day. At the end of the contest, I'll print the thread and read it for Eric's parents and the contest participants.

I will post information regarding registration when I have narrowed down some of the details. I hope most of you will choose to participate in some way, regardless of whether you are able to attend.

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That's a great idea Todd. 11/5 is my daughter's birthday so I won't be able to make it, but I promise to knock out some PR's on that day.

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Well done, Todd. This a great way to honor Eric's memory.

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Send me a mailing address, and the contest info, and I will send something special out to be used as a prize.

Also, I will send a money donation in Eric's name.


-Rick Walker

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A very short amount of time to go.

I promised myself to do something special that day.

Hard for me between the germans and the COC.

Guess I will do at least grippers and bending on Erics day.

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Nothing special but I think a PR is a PR. I reached a fatbar goal today, for me it's the first step to a successful Inch lift which is my very long time goal. I lifted 50kg on an Holle it up replica (6cm handle diameter). FYI: Nathan said, if you lift 60kg on that device you are able to lift the Inch db. I did this for you, Eric!

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