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First Time Bending...


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What's up everybody. I've introduced myself in the newbie section, not sure if anybody caught it, or cares for that matter, but I've been a lurker for quite a while and decided to give bending a go 'round. I've been using the CoC for a little while now, and am about 1/4" away from closing #3. Enough of that, here's tonights bends that I did with a fellow member of the board. I've read up on as much as I could and am still a little foggy on different grades and so forth. If somebody could help me out with your opinion on what these bolts and piece of 1/8" steel would be close to, that would be great. Actually, any help would be great.

Thanks for looking.




Can't seem to post the photos correctly. I'm a moron, can somebody give me a hand with this please.


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Welcome to the board, Cuban.

If you could describe the dimensions and markings of the bolts we could help you better. Is the 1/8" steel round stock?

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nice bends.

Even though I can't help you with the 'grade' of your nails and bolts, I can help with you images.

Since you're refering to URLs you just have to just the 'http://' button instead of 'IMG'.

Doing that it looks like the following:



Try to get some 60D-nails or G5-bolts so you rate your stuff on you own.

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Thanks Frankyboy, I appreciate the help.

Eric, the 1/8" I was referring to was the flat piece that was bent, which by the way was by far the toughest out of the lot. Length wise, they're all a little over 5 1/4" and just under 1/4".

There are no markings on the bolts, I'm assuming because of the flat-head end instead of the normal carraige bolt end. I'm heading to a few hardware stores today to try and find some graded stock.

Thanks for the help guys. Any more info would be greatly appreciated.

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You're off to a great start. You may want to read the section pinned above for those new to bending. I would definitely buy some long lengths of 1/4" round steel that you can cut to length, to start with. The grade 5 bolts will most likely be a bit much right now, unless you're a freakishly strong natural.

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