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Matt Graham


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At Al Myers Dinosaur Challenge contest, Matt Graham continental cleaned and jerked an Inch replica today! :bow There were many in attendance who got pictures of the event. Someone got video. Probably Bob Burtzloff. There was barely any knee kick to elevate the Inch to the shoulder. The jerk was solid and I think there were more than one of them. I was reloading my camera, but a few in the audience told me that he had done 3 or 4 jerks in succession. I really only saw the first one.

There were some huge numbers put up at that contest. Like a 200 pound Fulton (2") bar snatch by Matt. 400 pound alternate grip bench press. 425 pound Steinborn Squat. Double Inch deadlift. Insane stuff.

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I've never met Matt personally but have seen some crazy things that he can do through armwrestle.com including as you say a double inch farmers etc.. Strong guy!!

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