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Information From Joe Kinney


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Hi All,

About a week ago I ordered Joe Kinney's video "Get a Grip." I included a letter with some questions which he was gracious enough to answer. The video is awesome! If you haven't seen it you should get it!

I figured I'd share the information he gave me with the board:

1. What gripper could you close when you first started?

JK: About 4-5 days after I got the #2 I could close it. I never ordered a #1--- just started out with the #2.

2. Did you do your squat routine the same day you did your grip work-outs (Wednesday and weekends)?

JK: Squatting was EVERY DAY. Squatting to build testosterone is an everyday event. Maybe that's too often, but it worked for me.

3. Have you ever tried other types of grip (e.g. pinch large blocks)? Do you think it would be helpful to train these other areas or should I focus on the grippers and a grip machine exclusively since my goal is to close heavy grippers?

JK: I don't know what to tell you about other types of grip training. Think it through. You must protect your crushing grip investment.

----Vlad Mikulich

Downey, CA

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That's Joe Kinney - straight and to the point! Good stuff, thanks for sharing! :bow

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Thanks for that info. I remember his first write-up when he closed the #3, and pictures of his squat setup were shown. He had a bar setup, cambered I think, with giant wheel type weights, held up by two trees. He said that every single time he walked by that area he would do squats. I believe the weight of the bar and the two big weights alone was quoted as 330 pounds, and it had to be done starting from the bottom position.

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