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Another strap hold question

Nathan Say

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How does the weight held affect gripping strength? Would it work better to use lots oof weight, squeeze harder, but not for as long, or the opposite-use less weight & go for longer?

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10-12 seconds is a good time target. I prefer heavier weights and shorter time. With my #2, I was doing 15 seconds with 15 pounds. I modified my #2 (cut the handles at 3'') and hold 7,5 pounds for the same time. I'll work up to 15 pounds for 5 seconds. The #3 should be very close by this time.

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purely talking about weight, i feel like i need at least 10lbs on that string. with any less it just doesn't seem to pull. i've used as much as 20lbs with my 1 and i'd probly use more if i had it in my dorm room. i should be able to use my master for strapholds soon so maybe that weight will decrease.

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