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Rick Walker

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Hello.  I was looking through the Sorinex page and i noticed he mentioned a grip page.  Since I am fairly new to working my grip I decided to go to a search engine and search for a grip forum.  I dont know if this was the page he was refering to but this looks like a good place to talk about my new found love and get new ideas.

I am an ex-powerlifter that has decided to drop the canvas and denim and get into strongman type training.  I dont have hopes for ESPN or anything but i would like to compete in contests throughout the USA.  I started training with a routine I got from Jason Keen-I have read and re-read Kubik's book and take some of my training from him.  I also purchased John Brookfield's book, Mastery of Hand Strength, and I have begun training my grip 3 times a week.

Right now I do the following:


1. COCs

2. Thick bar (2.5) deads (1-arm)

3. Pinch grip (plates)

4. Thick wrist roller


1. Plier hold

2. pinch grip wrist curls

3. baseball

4. hang from pullup bars with towels


1. double hammer squeeze

2. lever lift

3. 1 arm deads with barbell and towel

4. pinch a 3 pound standard weight flat with a chain and weight running through it.

I will change every month or so 2 different exercises but i will always keep COCs, Thick bar, and plate pinch in.

Some goals by Jan. 1st-2003

1. Close #3 COC

2. hoist Thomas Inch replica

3. pinch grip 2-45s.

Some of these goals I am close to some I am far away.

Thnaks for listening-

Rick Walker


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Solid routine Rick. You'll have tremendous results with it.

How is your pinching and what do you do on the #3 ?

Welcome aboard and feel free to ask.

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Welcome, read all you can and good luck with your goals.

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 Right now I can close #2 for 2-3 reps each hand.  So, after warming up, I do 1 set of 8 with each hand with the #1, then 2 sets of 3 with the #2 clsoing or getting as close as possible.  Then I close the #3 as much as I can and hold it for as long as I can.  Then I finish up with 2 sets of 5 held reps with the #1.

Pinching is going well.  Yesterday I pinched 2-25s smooth side out that were attached to one side of an adjustable olympic dumbbell bar + 4 2.5s on it as well.  It comes out to about 71 pounds.  I tried two 35s and I can just barely clear the ground with them.  Weird-I think my 25s may be a litle bit thicker when they are on the bar.


Rick Walker

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Rick, welcome aboard, you seem to be starting off pretty well!  Just a little observation.  Whenever a bar is used through the plates to add weight for pinch lifting, it seems to make it slightly easier than just pinching two plates.  You don't have to squeeze as hard to hold the plates together while lifting.  That may explain why you have an easier time than with two 35's.

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Yeah, that makes sense.  I also did the COCs and some 1-arm deads with a thick bar (2.5) before the pinches.  I think if I was rested and motivated-2-35s would atleast come off the ground.

Rick Walker :hehe

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With the routine you stated in your post, do you think you are overtraining?  Are you making positive gains with that routine?  You didn't state the weights (poundage) used.  Please fill us in with more deatils, such as:  your height, weight, diet, etc.  What's your favorite grip exercise and why.  What are your strengths and weaknesses?

BTW, you have come to the right place.  This forum hosts the greatest grip talent the world over.  And on top of that - the great and wise Sybersnott is here, and is ready to answer ANY question you have!!  :)  :D

Aren't you the lucky one!!  :)   :)   :)   :D

P.S. - I also have a Grip Hotline (24/7).  Call it at 1-877-571-7486, and leave a message.  Or, you can e-mail me at:  Sybersnott@yahoo.com - Welcome to the forum!!!  :)

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Yeah, so far the results have been phenominal.  I coud just barely (and I mean barely) close the #2 and now I am mashing it for 2-3 reps each hand.  Also, i couldnt pinch the 25s on the olympic dumbbell and now I am pinching those plus 4-2.5s

I guess I wont really know how I am progressing until I train it awhile longer-been training grip for about 3 weeks.

I do know that I am rested enough come grip days to give it 100% and I am recovering fast without any forearm or hand pain.

I made the mistake my first week and trained the COCs each of the three days-that really fried me.  I then ordered Brookfield's book and set up a program.

My stats:


Height- 5'9"

Weight- 230 pounds

Upper arms- 17.5"

forearms- 14"

wrist 7.25"

legs- 30"

Diet- 7-8 meals a day consisting mainly of chicken, tuna, red meats and a variety of fruits, vegtables, and complex carbs.

Supplementation- MegaMan Vitamins-Use Cell Tech when $$ allows.  

Training environment: My garage thanks to the 1000 pounds olympic weight, 400+ pounds standard weight, bench, spotter stands, squat stands, dip station, barbells and dumbbells I bought off of EBAY last March!

Training type:



1. Squats- 3X3

2. Front squats- 3X3

3. 1-arm side presses- 3X3

4. Bench press- 3X3

5. Dips- 3X3


Cardio- 30 minutes

Grip work


1. Deads off of 5 inch box or rack pulls from knee- 3X3

2. cleans- 3X3

3. pull-ups- 3X8

4. 1 arm snatches- 3X3

5. Curls- 3X3


Cardio- 30 minutes

grip work


Strongman events

carry&drag, car push for distance&time, loading, rock carry for distance, keg press overhead, etc.  I do about 3-4 different ones each Friday.


cardio- 30 minutes

Grip work

Favorite grip exercise: plier holds or pinch grip wrist curls-both cause large amounts of pain and cramping!

Strengths?  I would have to say my back & legs.  I can move a lot of weight off the ground- (Grew up on a beef cow farm in Northern Pa-Knoxville to be specific.)

Weaknesses- grip!!!  Thats why i am training it hard now.  I am proud of hitting the #2-will be more proud when #3 and #4 go!  I think that years of heavy deadlifts gave me the strength to close #2.

Also-I am a weak bench presser compared to my other lifts.

Thanks-I am sure I will be asking a lot of questions as I progress-You guys are great!!!!

Rick Walker

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I like your routine Rick. I too am a powerlifter/dino type of trainer. 3 x 3 builds great level of strength. I work on a lot of singles too.

We're on the same boat, my bench is way weaker than my squat and dead.

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