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Pick 3 exercises


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Hercules, this is a very thought-provoking question. Plate curls would be first on my list, and I would have to have pinching as second. Third, I guess that leaves grippers. Hard for me to decide my second and third choices, I'm glad I don't have to limit it to three in my training! Most people are probably going to go with their strengths on this one I would think, but we'll see what gets posted.

I have only been training grip off and on for a year, so I wouldn't recommend placing much faith in what I think.

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I don’t think three cover all the aspects of grip subsequently I will mention all that I do instead.

1 Plate pinching

2 Plate curling

3 Wrist curls front and back

4 Grippers

5 Weaver stick

6 Obviously heavy lifting (DL, Pull up etc.)

If I had a wrist roller I would use that.

If I could only pick three it would be 1,3,4. 6 you can never avoid.

Luckily we don’t have to limit ourselves!!!!  ;)

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1. Deadlifts lockouts with a thick bar.

2. Wrist curls

3. Pinch grip with plates.

Could I please add the grippers, not for the overall developpement but for the fun and challenge they procure.

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Guest Reverend

Other than what every one else has said, I would only add one other:

Farmer's Walk with 2" or 2 1/2" handles.

-The Reverend

c/o the Pulpit of Pain

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1.  Farmer's Walk.  In my opinion, the best way to develop practical grip strength.  Using thick handles makes it even better.

2.  Wrist Roller.  Adds size to forearms, fairly good for wrists.  

3.  Pinching Plates.

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1. The SW.  This machine created by Joe Kinney has made me experience unbelievable gains in my overall grip strength.

2.  Rolling Thunder.  One-handed thick bar lifting with a twist.

3.  Plate pinching.  Go as heavy as you can on this exercise.

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