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i keep reading that people are doing no sets on grippers. What does that mean???

Basically it means that you close it WITHOUT using your other hand. When you set a gripper, you use your OTHER hand that is not making the close to assist it to get your pinky and ring finger in a good position on the handle of the gripper. This makes the closing of the gripper more comfortable and fair for people with smaller hands. When you no-set a gripper, you basically pick up the gripper and instantly close it without any assistance from the other hand. Is this clear? ;)

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Ironorr's description is good. The only thing I would disagree with is the "instantly" closing it reference. Some people juggle it into position before attempting the close. It's still considered a no set close even when it's wiggled into position, as long as it's only the closing hand doing the movement.

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So far, I do only no sets but will change to doing some sets if I ever get close to being able to close a 3 to train for cert.

My no sets can use the other hand to help position the gripper, but not to help close it or touch it in any manner during the close.

So, in effect this is not a real TNS (table no set) where you simply pick up the gripper with one hand and close it.

.. neilkaz ..

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i feel setting is kinda cheating...

I don't think it's cheating, anymore than doing lockouts to improve a lift, or any other type of assistance training.

and remember a set close used to be the allowed by COC rules and still is under MM rules "although wider than parallel" so set training is well within boundries and IMO NOT CHEATING. :D

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