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Average forearm/wrist


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I'm just curious:

1. forearm size (straight arm w/ bent wrist) = ?

2. wrist size (straight wrist w/ opened hand) = ?

3. body weight = ?

4. If you know, please add how much you can hammer curl for about 6 reps!

Mine are:

1. 12 1/2 inch or 32 cm

2. 7 1/4 inch or 18,5 cm

3. 142 pound or 65 Kilo

4. 48 pound or 22 Kilo

(I think the conversions are correct)

Post yours so that we can have an idea on what are the average forearm and wrist measures for body weight...

I know size doesn't mean a lot but it's a way to track progress!

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oh no, not measurments...

oh all right i'll play,

1) 13 1/4

2) 7 (maybe in a few years i can get that elusive 2/1 ratio.

   with the help of the grippage of course)

3) aboot 180 = 82kg

4) 65lb dumbell in each hand for 6 in a regular, not cross-body, hammer curl (almost 70's but that wouldn't be strict enough to count)

and i'm 21

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Thanks for your replies!

I noticed my hammer curls are not good, I'll work them harder from now on...

I'll repost this one in about 1/2 year so that we can compare!

Keep training hard

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I have big forearms. My dad has big forearms too. There's a bit of genetic in it (my dad has the bigger calves you can imagine and mine are quite big too). Also, wrist curls is the first exercise I perform when I was 15, to help my shot in hockey. I never stopped doing wrist curls and working my grip very hard since two years added a lot of meat to my forearms.

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I was also very impressed with Tou forearms, I think you should try armwrestling Tou...

What about you CanadaCrush? Post your measures and your hammer curl weight!

I'll be as big as Tou next time I post this....  :p maybe not...

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Mark (CanadaCrush) is a national armwrestling champion in Canada. Luke Reimer is one of the best in the world at armwrestling. Oh, and David Horne finished 9th at his first world championships. He'll be the champion if he keeps going at it. After all, what can you do against a guy who wrist curls 500 pounds ?

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Guest CanadaCrush

Almost, Tou. I came second at the 2001 National Armwrestling Championships ( :( ) You are spot on about David and Luke though. I've noticed forearm size can be decieving. I know several people with huge forearms, due to genetics. They've never worked them out. Hercules - I'm not all that impressive, unfortunately.

Forearm Straight - 14.10"

Wrist - 8.25"

Weight - about 205lbs/93kg

Hammer Curl - Last I did them for 6 reps, I think it was an unimpressive 75lbs. With my back against the wall, the numbers probably drop by 5 pounds or even 10.

Age - 19

The measurements are from my right arm, cold. My left is significantly smaller


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Guest Matt Brennecke

Wrist 7"

Forearm 13.5

BW 205

curls about 40# strict

The interesting thing to me from doing this is that when I started lifting I had 6" wrists.  I used to think they couldn't change much, but I guess I was wrong. I weighed 170 then, but still, I think that is considerable growth.

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  • 18 years later...
13 hours ago, Shivamkesh Verma said:







I like arm wrestling thats why....

That's understandable, you've had 18 years to train for that. Question is, what was your stats at the age of 4? :D 

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