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Im Cordura Pads


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Along with the COC #4, my wife gave me a set of IM's cordura pads - the ones that come with the bag of nails. To-date, I've been just using old wash rags and shop towels. Can someone give me some advice on how best to make use of the pads? I heard someone say that they fold them three times lengthwise and then "wrap" the ends of the rod/nail tightly. I've not been doing that either - wrapping. I usually fold the shop cloths such that they provide just enough padding and then fold them once over the ends of the meterial I'm bending. Will I find an advantage to rolling them in this fashion?

I'm brand spanking new to bending but eating it up and anxious to learn!


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Personally I hate the IM rags, and would suggest leather, however you will gain leverage by tightly wrapping the nail In what ever cloth you use....The IM pads are hard to wrap tightly you almost need an extra set of hands to hold on to the end of it as you roll.. I would suggest folding the IM pads into 3rds that seems to work the best....Some use chalk on the pads next to the nail to keep it from slipping around....Good luck ...Brett

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I think that's a real good description, but sometimes it's hard to figure things out with just words. My suggestion is to do a search in the bending forum for the word video. That will sort out threads with bending videos posted. Go download as much as you can and watch them closely. Most guys get video of the wrapping and not just the bend itself.

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