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Sledge For Bending

Jeff Parker

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I want to do some sledge work for bending. The plan is to have a pipe with weight on the end and do levering with it that would mimick the same movement I use for bending. When I make it, would it be more benifical to have it longer or shorter. If its shorter, I could use a lot more weight, but I don't know if a longer one, say, around 30" would be better even if I couldn't use as much weight. Someone that uses this for bending, suggest long or short, or just put in what specific length or range you think would be best. Thanks.

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It would seem to me that shorter would be better. The shorter lever would mean that added weight would cause less of an increase in torsion. In essence, you could thus use smaller increments in "weight".


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People who sledge tend to use inch-pounds vs the actual poundages.

I.E. I get an 8 lb sledge with a 36" handle...say my hand is 4" wide.

When I grip the sledge at the end I have 32" left times the 8 lbs=256 ip.

Many cannot start off this high...at the end of the handle so they go "up"

the handle...lets say to 21" for a front lever..well thats 21 x 8 = 168ip.

You could do the same with what your attempting to make, the longer handle

will just increase the ip without having to add weight to a shorter handle.

Then when you master the longer handle...you can tape or add weights to

that head.

Hop that helps.

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Or you can check out my gallery and make an adjustable sledge that goes from around 30 inlbs to 1000's....

I suggest a longer handle, around 31" or so. Just cause you can make finer adjustments. If you have a 12" handle you will need lots of weight and lots of washers or smaller weights, can't move your hand much. With a longer sledge you can slide your hand a 1/2" every workout and not runout for a long time. Plus, the longer handle seems to have better balance at a given inch pounds for me. A 12" handle is very stubby and just feels wobbly vs a 30" or so handle, kindof like a tightrope walker using a long pole for balance. Good luck man. There was a discussion in the equipment forum about how to make an adjustable sledge, there are different ways and they are all pretty easy.

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Thanks guys, I'm gonna make one today or tomorow and start working with it as soon as its done. It'll be about 30".

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