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Severe Pain In Hand When Gripping


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Any "go see a doctor" posts will be ignored. Seen three, and a physical therapist. The doctor and the ER physicians X-rayed my hand, saw no fractures. The PT simply shocked the hand repeatedly. Needless to say "but I can't close this gripper" results in "well, don't do it then".

But when I grip, When I get to about 1/8" from close I get terrific pain deep within the third and fourth fingers, at the phalanges closest to the hand. It actually halts my gripping.

I was in a motorcycle accident two months ago and have had wrist and hand problems since.

Any rehab thoughts?

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What kind of pain. "Joint, bone, connective tissue ie. tendon/lig.,"?

Does it only hurt at the close of a gripper?

How bout thickbar, pinch, shot rotation, extension, etc.....

You will probably have to work around this injury for a while. If that's the case do the grip crap that doesn't aggrivate the injury. Be prepared, it could take several months of no grippers, or at least no clicking the handles.

Good luck, I know how you feel.


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Bone, Hammerhead, and at close.


This is frustrating. Thick bar is somewhat affected too.

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I have this pain too. I have used all the active recovery things I found on here

along with Msm/Glucosamine. I will not repeat those.

Here is what works for me. I bought some small plastic cups, filled them with

water and froze them. Then after my contrast baths...hot/cold etc.

I sit down with a towel and this frozen cup and treat the specific areas of my hand that hurt. My area were the knuckles...the same ones. I continue it on those areas

only till my hand is numb or nearly frozen in those particular areas and then I repeat again. This has worked for me...the ability to apply it to the specific

areas allows you to get that area much, much colder.

I believe, at least in my case, I had some tendons that refused to not swell..

this method has saved me and my hands are almost 100%.

I am on KTA so they will not be 100% till I finish I am sure.

Hope that helps

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Don't get too impatient. Remember, your accident was only 2 months ago. Considering this, you're doin' pretty good. I know this still pisses you off.

Get, some shots or big balls from Steve if you haven't already and rotate, rotate, rotate. This should not aggrivate the area and you will improve your strength as well.

Pdoire's recommendations are excellent as well.


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I also had a motorcycle accident, but it was about 8 years ago.

I had no gloves on flew over the handlebars and went face first down on the pavement...with no gloves on!!! (The only time ..of course) My elbow

got a hole punched in it from the handle bars and my hands were ground down to

the bones...I had no thumb pads...additionally my thumbs were severely sprained,

they were bent completely backwards to my wrists. I could not pick up a salt

shaker for months. Thankfully no facial damage ( no helmet either..first time)

I got off with wearing bandages like the mummy for 2 months.I never thought

I would get any strength in my hands at all...it all hurt for so long.

I know and have used extensive hand therapies...God I had to learn them.

If you do not have any broken bones something is swollen or sprained...

in both cases ice will help.

My two cents.

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I had this as well, seemed to pain more when I started to release the gripper, I fought throught it and it got better "not advised" but a few days rest may do wonders, no one likes the rest but it's for bigger gains in the end.

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Sometimes, rest IS the answer, bro.

I would stay the hell away from any movements that cause the pain at the least.

Take care.


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