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Do You Specialize? Do One Thing At A Time


Do you specialize?  

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  1. 1. Do you specialize?

    • Yes I specialize and work one area at a time
    • No I do not specialize and I work all areas of grip

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There has been a lot of talk about those who specialize in one area

of grip and then move on to the next.

There also has been talk about working all areas of grip

in an effort to bring them all up at the same time.

Where do you stand?

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I used to try to do everything all the time (bending, crushing, pinching, whatever). It became apparent to me when trying to close the #3 that this was slowing my progress, so I started specializing to achieve specific goals. I started KTA and laid off everything else. As a result I closed the last 1/8 of an inch on my #3 in about 2 weeks of KTA.

I think some people just do better if they focus their training on one goal at a time. There are freaks that can do everything well all the time though ... and many of them are here on the board. :D

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We all know what Mark does in the moment when he feels like it.....it's not pretty...

Anyway, when i quit bending, my right wrist finally stopped aching (as it had been for months and months) and my #3 progress pretty much picked up where it left off....VERY close to closing. I am now working a lot with my #4 and with a shaved #3.

I'm gonna get that #4 soon. NOT


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I like to work all types of grip, given that my hands are too soft to support one type of event at the moment :whacked.

In saying that I am working the RT more than the others at the moment.

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I have done both and like them both. Theres no question that focusing on one goal will get you there faster. But there are times when I love to run my hands into the ground, and when thats the case, I love doing everything. Even if i'm not at my best for any specific thing, my hand strength as a whole goes up, and then when and if I do specilize, i can seemingly progress very fast.

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Now I am working on all areas equally, partially because I"m starting out. If I get close to a goal, I"ll really slow up (not stop) on other types of training to focus on that goal. But as of now I enjoy progressing in all areas.

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Since I am training for strongman first, and grip just as a means to an ends because I feel grip is the most important part of strongman, I do everything. When I am old, I'm only 20 so that will be a while, I could see myself only training for specific grip feats.

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I train on what I need to train, not what I want to train!



To determine these areas, way back when you started, did you

identify them by specializing one at a time and them coming back to them

after you identified what areas you were weakest in, or did you always

train it all, and then from that you found your weak areas and worked on them?

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