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Possible Routine


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Thinking for the start of next week and the following three weeks trying this routine. I am wondering if, because the nature of my training, does my grip get enough rest or is this asking for injury

Monday, Wednesday, Friday- Support Grip Training

Tuesday, Saturday- Pinch Grip Training (only training the thumb)

Thursday, Sunday- Crush Grip Training (only static holds)

My reasoning behind this, is that when I've trained pinch grip the day after support training I feel completely fresh and adding two days of crush training doesn't seem like it would hinder my grip strength.

I wondering if people have experimented with similar routines and whether those results were bad or good


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That's a large workload. Try it for a week and if you have no problem recovering try another week. If you are not recovering as in constant sore hands back off and do support twice a week. Experiment - your hands will tell you if you are doing to much.

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My goal is to become stronger at support/deadhang grip and secondary would be the pinch grip

Crush is more of an experiment on whether it will benefit me as a climber, most respondes from other climbers that train are mixed, so I would like to see where crsuh training might take me. If the work load is too much (very likely) the crush grip training will have to be dropped to either once a week or once every 1.5wks

For those that dont know, deadhanging (climbers term) is the support grip without the thumb in action. Usually done hanging with added weight on climbing holds of varying slope, depth and finger accommdation (whether the hold allows only 1,2,3 or 4 fingers)

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:) hi i dont climb but a friend came up with a good idea he uses a good pair of leather gloves and climbs a tennis court fence hands only for practice and can walk sideways up and down just using his fingers get the padded gloves and i think it will help your climbing :D
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