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Gripper Helper And Holle It Up

Jeff Parker

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I just saw the gripper helpers in the new inronmind catalog. I was thinkin about getting them, just curious if anyone has used them. Also, the holle it up dumbell, it just looks like a dumbell with a piece of pipe around it. If thats all it is, then I'll just make it. Anyone that has used it, let me know how you think it is made. Thanks.

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HI i dont have one but the holle it up dumbell is off set so it wont roll out of your hand like the inch dumbell does and it seems to me the new hand helper would get in your way of gripping i just get these little one inch rubber balls from the dollar store and stick one between the handle to make it harder but im still trying to close my no 3. so you decide for your self :D

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I think I'm going to get those gripper helpers for christmas. The holle it up dumbell is way out of my price range, so I think I'll get a 2.5 inch pipe and put it between my weights on a dumbell and see how it works.

Also, I like the looks of the claw curl and the eagle loops. I would like to get one of them to help my overall finger strength for holding on to the bar while deadlifting. Any suggestions on which one?

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ok.....so I worked all freakin day and was exhastued after then doing a workout so I kinda spaced and didnt see the other topic where everyone was already discussing the gripper helper. :trout If a mod reads it, you can go ahead and take this post off.

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