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Different Grip Strengths


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Two questions-

1) Is there any benefit from training multiple grip strengths on the same day? Training the pinch and support on one day and training the crush and deadhang on another day?

2) Of those who have experimented with a similar routine, have you seen any benefit from training each of the different grip strengths (crush, deadhang, pinch, support) on different days? IE training the pinch on monday, crush on tuesday, deadhang on wednesday and so on


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Its good to mix things up, just dont pinch and crush in the same day. Block work will kill your crush if you do it in the same day.

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1) Yes. Train everything all the time if possible

2) For me, I see a higher level of overall strength if I do something like crushing and pinching first and second, then thick bar, support, and finally bending or wrist work.

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