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Last weekend I met with my buddy Burkhard Macht for a 5 hours grip training.

We did:

Apollons Axle


Block Pinch


1"-Vertical Bar


Ball Pinching (4" diameter wooden ball)

Rolling Thunder

Grippers (set and no-set)

4.5" Vertical Bar !


Holle it up Inch Replica (easy & hard positions)

don't remember if this is all but my forearm are incredible sore.

Burkhards girl friend Hauke could lift a 20kg block weight and closed the Trainer.

Besides this she lifted 60kg (bodyweight) on the LGC vbar.

Here some videos we took:

Burkis Pet 1.5MB

Hauke & the 20kg block weight 2.7MB

Hauke closes a Trainer 1.7MB

Hauke lifts 60kg on the LGC vbar 1.2MB

Burki bends a Blue Nail, enjoy 11MB :laugh

I attempted the Blob50, I got from GordonV:

Blob50 Attempt 1.2MB

My No-Set Attempt on the Tetting GM 3.0MB

We will do a bigger meeting on december 11th.

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Thanks for posting the videos so quick!

I think you forgot the "Little Big Horn" - but that's all!

At the end we were repping out the 1# and the T# (noset) - puh, that hurts alot today! :mosher

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I thoroughly enjoyed that!

It won't be long before the Blob falls... I mean rises!

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Wow, the lady in the vid's seems quite strong. I'm impressed.


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I thought the blue bend was going to turn into a magic trick, I thought that nail would never appear from the towel. Seemed to unwrap it forever. :D

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Great Clips, Franky! :mosher

Strong Blob attempt, you get it to a full deadlift soon. I hope, we will see this feat on Dec 11th.

Hauke has power! Hope, she will compete next year in the german grip-champs!

Flo :rock

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Cool Clips, Franky, Burki and Hauke.

Funny Meeting, eh?

Blob Lift looks pretty good!


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Ya scared my ass with that 'trantula, big boy. Nice vids - keep 'em coming and let us knwo when he gets that Blob50 up.


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