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The Twist Yo Wrist And Wrist Rollers


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i was just curious about something. i always hear on bodybuilding.com people telling others to use wrist rollers, they'd be surprised how 5 pounds can kick your ass. all i know is that when i use my wrist roller, i hold my arms straight down, and i use 25 pounds on it. with the twist yo wrist, i use 20 pounds. i'm able to go fully up and down 4 times each set. i was just wondering what weights you guys use if you hold your arms straight down, and how many reps you do.

1 rep- up and down once.

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I'm not much of a wrist roller fan, I like the Twist Yo' Wrist better. I've done 15 kg (33 lbs) rolling towards myself and 17.5 kg (38 ½ lbs) away for three reps. For singles I've done 20 (44) and 25 kg (55 lbs), respectively.


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We used the nybb wrist roller that fits in the power rack and put it at chest level and did a rep (up and down)with 200lbs.It's a bit diffrent than holding the arms straight out.We i do them your way i prefer to keep my elbows to my sides.I feel if i hold them straight out staticly work my delts which is not what i'm after.

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