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Gpp For Hand/grip?


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Hello grip enthusiasts,

I have a question on grip training, but first I will give some background on myself. I am a college student in the U.S. I play the piano. I like researching and trying grip strengthening methods; I’ve tried kettlebells, clubbells, thick bar deadlifts, CoC, plate curls. Despite these methods, I would rate my hand strength at “average”. Now, if I could raise my hand strength from “average” to “just above average,” I would be very content.

I have found training to be more effective when I just focus on one or two methods. Each additional method vies for attention and resources and can even detract from the rest.

Currently I am doing weighted-sled dragging GPP. That is my one tool for almost everything. I’m hoping that most people have heard of GPP whether it be sled dragging, sledge hammering, functional lifting, etc.

As for hand strength, my grip tool of choice is a 12 lb, 4 ½ foot long, 2 ½ inch thick, steel pipe. With this pipe, I usually grab it in the middle and do figure eights (wrist), or grab it near one end (with both hands) and lift it. I’ve chosen this method over CoC grippers because they work both the wrist and the fingers.

My question: Is there such a thing as hand/grip GPP? If you could use only one grip tool which would you use? What are some methods that helped set the foundation for your hand strength?

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Sorry, but I'm not sure what gripp GPP is.

As for foundation exercises, my favorite is farmers holds with a softball.

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GPP is General Physical Preparedness. It is bascially the ablility to do a large volume of work without getting exausted. Manual laborers would have a large GPP from working all day. Bruce Lee talked about a similar thing, and he recommended walking places, parking your car far away to make yourself walk, taking the stairs etc.

West side barbell talkes about raising the GPP by not having a large amount of time inbetween sets, and by doing as many "extra workouts" as possible consisting of things like ab work and sled dragging.

Here are some better explanations...




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I don't know that there are many things that can help prepare your hands for gripping other than just gripping. The closest thing to GPP, in my opinion, in grip strength are contrast soaks, heavy shot rotation throughout the day, and dexterity/hand health movements. Doing these not only help you recover from your last workout, they also help prime the pump for the next workout.

Big Steve says he does "Everything just about every day." It's hard to argue against that seeing as how Steve owns some of the strongest hands on Earth.

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You talked about hand strength but i believe the particular exercise your doing with the steel pipe will be primarily for strengthening the wrists.Have you used a grip machine where you open and close the hand with heavy weights or eagle loops doing the same may be a cheaper alternative if your after finger and hand strength.

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I think the best thing for GPP for the hands is to have long grip sessions and very light gripping random times throughout the day. Weekend gripathons are great, instead of ending after a few heavy tries with a IM2 or IM3, you move directly to scrolling or bending or levering etc...

Also I think that doing a few trainer/pony clamp closes throughout the day increase the volume of your training, but doesn't really tax your hands a lot. Even thick bar deads would help. Anything that has low intensity and gets the blood moving a little bit would really help.

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