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Thumb Positioning / Tip, Key, Palmar, Hook


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I've wondered a while about thumb positioning. It looks like Odd Haugen is using the "sideways-hook-thumb" instead of a straight thumb on in this pic:


Checking out this report on average grip strength: http://www.bleng.com/pdf/grip1.pdf

They describe three thumb pinches: tip-pinch, key-pinch, palmar-pinch.

The key pinch is what I use practicing on a pony clamp, and the palmar pinch is what I use on plate pinches.

But they didn't test for the "hook" pinch (what is this correctly called?),

Is the thumb inherently stronger in the "hook" position vs. straight? What do you guys use for the plate pinch (single hand / double hand)?

I've tried pinching plates / rolling thunder with both methods, but I'm equally poor with both methods.

On the pony clamp, I'm horrible with hook pinch, kinda bad with palmar pinch, and ok with key pinch (relatively speaking). I'm trying to determine what pinch best carries over for grippers, being that the thumb really doesn't pinch anything, just gets thrust forward. Probably any type of thumb work helps.

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anybody? anybody? in summary:

Does anybody use anything other than palmar pinch for single hand/double hand plate pinches?

Does anybody use anything other than key pinch when training on pony clamps?

Does the "hook grip" thumb action have an official name when not used as a hook grip (as when used on the rolling thunder).


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I need to experiment more with different thumb positions in the various lifts but Rick Walker swears on pinching and rt with his thumb all crooked up if that helps.


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