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Hooked On Big Spikes!

Clay Edgin

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Man, Big Steve and Dave got me hooked on those things! I don't know how many I've done today, but it's a lot. I think I got the technique dialed in and they are going down easier. I'd like to start cutting them down.

No other point to this thread other than admitting that spike bending rocks bigtime.

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Hell yes, Clay. Ive U'ed a 10" by 3/8" galvy spike....they are really a full upper body workout. Very challenging and also very impressive to onlookers. Do you start them over a bar or how do you do them?


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How much of an initial kink do you get with the braced portion of the bend,


I might give these another go, but I've been reluctant having torn a pec several years ago.

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Steve taught me how to do this too. My legs are all black and blue from doing it and some small horse shoes. It really is a great workout doing them. Now I just need to find a reliable supply of the common non-galvanized variety.

Eric the bars I did, I get a 2 oclock bend in them. Hope that makes sense, bottom of the bar at 6 oclock top at 2 oclock. As soon as you get the initial kink you have to move quick cause the toughest part for me is getting it from 2 oclock. Once you get it moving there you can get it.

It is amazing how you really need to use your stomach to get the spikes bent. I wouldnt think the pec should be a problem for you, it seems easier to chest crush at the end than a red. My opinion as always I could be wrong.


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Oh yeah, my luggage weighed well over 100lbs. I really don't know why the skycaps didn't complain more or make me take some of my crap out. But when a bag weighs that much, it raises some eyebrows so I had my bag searched once on the way to PA and once on the way back.

I tried bending the spikes the way Steve showed me but it seems like I get better results if I bring my left hand around and post it on my right hip and then push down. I start the bend either by pressing it down over my knee or bringing it in front of my knee and "rowing" the spike back.

My thighs are zebra striped from the bruises :)

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