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Homemade Thick Bar Dumbbells


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I decided to weld some thick pipes onto my spinlock dumbbells in school today. I got one done. the other i will do tomorrow.

I went from a 1" knurled handle to a 2 7/8" smooth handle. I can't wait wait to start using them.

I will post pictures later tonight

to all of you who care about the technical part

2 3/8" inside diameter (walls are 1/4") with 1/8" plates welded on both sides.

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i did some one handed clean and presses today with it...man did that thing kill my hands. First i threw a pair of 10's on...didn't feel so bad. then threw on another pair of 10's (the thing weighed 45 at this point) and did 3 sets of 5 for each hand.

It felt like it weighed a ton because of the handle. My hands and forearms were burning good. Even felt it in my thumb.

I'm looking foward to training with them. I couldn't even close my #1 after this workout.

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couldn't resist...added another 20lbs...now (65lbs on the dumbbells). did some cleans, or attempted to. man did that hurt. Feels good though.

On the bright side, even though my hands and wrists and forearms have been killing me, i've been squeezing my #2 alot. I got it closed before even though very sore. My 2 feels like a beast. I never had anything to compare it to untill ggc when i easily close their 2 and filed 2.

I love this thickbar stuff. I gotta lock my grip tools away so i can rest.

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