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Ohh Soo Close!

king crusher

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ok guys, i took my hoseclamp off a few days ago and have been going at it without it.

well tonight when i got home from work i casually picked up the #3, whitout warming up or anything...and got it to so close you couldent mesure...i know it dident close cuz you can feel when it does.

but to a bystander it would appear closed....so like a frog hair split 4 ways.

now one thing i did do to assist in my attempt...was use my left thumb to brace behind the gripper handle on my hand as so it wouldent move back....but inturn sence that thumb was there it was a no set attempt!

if im going for a close i kinda pscyh up for it and invision it closed....this time i was kinda ho-dum about it. i feel if i woulda concentrated i woulda got it down.

so im as close as can be now guys.....i am 100% confident i will get it on my next "strong" day.

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Nice goin', King! On sheer excitement you'll become consistent with it now.

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good going, roll on your next strong day, lets see the next topic "#3 closed" :rock

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I use that technique at times as well. It allows you to train through a full range of motion and go heavier then normal. COngrats and keep it up!

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thanks for the encouragment guys.

on two occasions when doing max attempts i get alittle pain in my elbo....like tennis elbo,never happened before.....does anyone else experiance this?

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