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Hey guys,

Please don't be annoyed and forgive my ignorance.

I have read a lot of the topics on the bending section but...I still don't really understand what bending is and why do you guys do it. I know it has something to do with nails but thats the extent of my knowledge.

Can anyone clue me in. I am going to hopefully start with grippers and a slegde and wrist roller in a week or two once they arrive...but bending seems interesting since so many people do it. Do you just bend nails for show or what is it for exactly? Are nails the extent of it? What does it work? How can I get started?

Thanks a lot for any help you can offer,


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Bending is taking a nail or steel bar and bending it into a U shape. It is a good test of wrist and upper body strength. Just grab a nail (wrapped in a towel or something stronger for protection) and bend it. The best site for it is here

Bender's website

Good luck!

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Bending can be a feat of strength or a way to train strength. Training bending is the best way to get better at bending and will develop strong wrists, a strong crushing grip, and strong chest and back muscles.

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Thanks for your help SqueezeMasterFlash. I am not so interested in feats of strength, rather I am going to start training my lower arms for practical uses. I just want to become stronger. Do you think bending is that useful in developing wrist strength? I have already ordered a sledge hammer so I am wondering whether it would help that much or would the sledge hammer be sufficient?

If it does produce a lot of strength benefits (not for show) then can you tell me what nails I should buy to get started? I am sure I can use benders site to see how to bend the nails themselves.

What are the RED, BLUE, and GREEN, nails that I keep reading about?

Thanks a lot for your help guys,


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A sledge is a great place to start. In fact, I would recomend using the sledge techinques on Bender's site for 6 months before you start bending. Bending will help you take your wrist strength to new levels above and beyond the sledge. That and bending is really fun! It will also teach you to go beyond your learned limits of what the human body is capable of.

The colored nails people talk about are Ironminds Bag of Nails. Those are sort of like standards for strength. To start I'd go to the hardware store and buy some 3/16" round steel. Cut that into 6" lengths and have at it.

Also, you should probably read this


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