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Set Up For One Hand Lifts


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Anyone doing one hand lifts how do you set up I find I get pulled to one side by the weight.

If I am doing say right hand liftI set up the bar nearer my right leg and pull to the right hand side of my crotch (being careful not to hit anything at the top).Does this sound right does anyone else feel they are pulled to one side?

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I have never felt myself being pulled by one side by the weight when doing one handed stuff most of the time. I would say the only exercises I feel that way is doing 1 arm presses/push presses, when standing with the weight overhead will tend to push the other, but I just pull it back or with 1 arm Clubbell exercises..so much torque on these.

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Try keeping the bar more centered between your legs and, if you're not already, press your non lifting hand on the middle of your thigh (on the same side as the non lifting hand) to create more stability.

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