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Inch Clean And Press

Brad Prov

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Hi my name is Brad Provick. I'm a strongman from Saskatchewan, Canada.

I'm new here, but I've got something that should interest this board. Recently I was competing at the Canadas Strongest Man contest in Quebec. While there, I congratulated Hugo Girard on cleaning and pressing the Inch at a grip demo in August. He then told me that a young very good strongman from Ontario named Ryan Green had also done it BUT he did a total of FOUR reps in a row.

I took some video of Ryan doin the inch once. This was after three greulling days of competition, so he only got one press eventhough he cleaned it three more times. (You don't see the extra cleans in the video, however)

You can see the video at Saskstrongman.com

The link is in the News section on the top right side of the homepage under Ryan vs. Inch

I just wanted to share this with the people of this board who would appreciate it the most. I hope to get footage of Ryan going for multiple reps at the big international contest coming up in Edmonton in Dec.

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Cool, I've never seen an Inch clean&press on video.

Thanks for sharing it.

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nice vid brad. judging by your pic on the homepage...your a beast.

do you use grippers?

welcome to the site.

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Ryan Green pressed the INCH ! ? Holy !@#$ Hasnt this guy only been lifting weights like 5 years ? That's right crazy stûff. That strict press was sick.

:bow :bow :bow :bow :bow :bow :bow :bow :bow :bow :bow :bow :bow :bow

Hi my name is Brad Provick

Looks like an other 800 lb deadlifter has joined the board.

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Pretty awesome! :rock I am also wondering why this isnt bigger news? Thats damn impressive! Mike

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Thanks for the vid, Brad :rock

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So who's done it now? Mark Henry, Hugo, and now Ryan Green? Who am I missing?

The clean is supposed to be the hard part, and this guy is doing 3-4 reps?!

Mark Henry push pressed it, didn't he? This was a strict press!

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Thanks. I'm glad you guys enjoyed it.

Ryan is a large guy (6'1" 375) but has a small ego. Everyone at this contest was talking about what he did exept him. I had to pound it into him that this was a monumental feat by itself, let alone reps!!!

Like I said, he cleaned it for me 3-4 times in a row but couldn't finish the strict press. His shoulders were fried from the contest. He looked like he could clean it all day.

Someone was talking about calling Randall Strossen and getting it in Milo or at least on the ironmind news ticker. I haven't seen anything about it on there, so I decided to post here since this is the biggest grip forum anywhere.

Hopefully someday he can get the recognition he deserves.

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Yeh, I just assumed Brad meant a push press, not a strict press! Thanks for showing us that phenomenal display of strength, Brad. Do you happen to know how long Ryan's hands are from wrist crease to finger tip?

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I don't see why he couldn't do 2 at once. With the slow, upright row style and strict press....if he could get both to the shoulder, he could push press both overhead I would think. Amazing strength. Congrats and welcome to the board Brad.

That farmers walk was no joke either, I thought he would have stopped about half that far.

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