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The Hex Blob


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i have searched for quite some time for i have a vague remberance of this topic being posted but i was unable to find it (maybe i rembered wrong):

i was curious if one could train only on hex blockweights and is able to lift a hex blob, would this person, having never trained with it, be able to lift the york blob?

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It's definitely possible.

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Sure. I have never trained on a blob but only on a 42.5 hex. I have a 45 hex that is much larger. I can get the 42.5 for at least 3 singles left and a double right most workouts. When I had the chance I got the 40 blob easy both hands and it felt very similar in difficulty to my 42.5 (little different feel but no biggie). When I can get the 45 hex I will feel pretty confident with the blob because I tried it as well that day and it felt as hard as my 45 hex (could lift it with one hand and the other hand's thumb and pinky). So, yes, anythings possible. Its possible to lift it with no training at all. Pretty unlikely but very possible.

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