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Anvil Question?


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I'm looking for a bit of advice with my on-going anvil training.

I got the beast about 6 months ago from my father and it was all rusty, so I brushed it down and did holds for time.

Since then I noticed it was making rust marks on my carpet so I painted it with black rust proof paint. This has meant that it is much harder to hoist, to the level where I can only raise it once a week at best when factoring in the rest of my grip training.

Can anyone suggest a solution or 'deload' system (of which I have no knowledge) as the IM horn is just too expensive here in the UK.



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Deloading is awesome! Here's a pic of my deload platform

Deload Platform

All it is is a board with an eye bolt in each corner. Ropes through those go up to a pair of pulleys. The pulleys are then bolted to my squat rack (or a ceiling beam) and weights are hung from the other ends of the rope. Cheap and highly effective. I've been getting good results doing between 5-10 sets with as many reps per set as possible. When 3 or more sets are over 3 reps I take weight off. Seems to work pretty well. Best of luck with your anvil!

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Thanks! It's been working well for me with Blobs. After I master the Blob50 with it I'm going to use it for 2 45's and the Inch. Any fixed object can be deloaded.

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