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My Latest Grip Toys


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I just updated my gallery (link below) with pictures of my most recent creations - a Blob simulator, a SW-replica and a grip machine.

I know my grip machine reminds very much of the Gripanator (not as good looking, though, by far), but that was never my intention. I didn't know about the Gripanator when I started figuring how to design mine. I had seen pictures of another grip machine (a black one, in front of a garage) in someone's album here on the board and that one had a non moving front handle. I wanted something similar, but with the front handle moving instead. Made a wooden model at first, to test my ideas, and it seemed to work fine, so I started collecting the material. Finally, a week ago, a very nice neighbour of ours, offered to lend me his welder (the right word?) and I could finish the job. It sure was great fun to do the welding!


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Thats an awesome idea for a blob replica! easily loadable, looks slick. . Nice welding for first time!

digdogz as far as welding equipment needed for a "secret weapon" -- nothing special. In fact the secret weapon is probably the simplest grip "machine" to make. the bottom pivoting handle doesnt need any welding (the pivot can be just a bolt through the main support and handle) the top handle has to be attached to the main support, (welded) and the main support, the "trunk" of this tree, has to be attached (welded ) to some sort of feet so it stays upright. The one in the pics uses an existing plate rack as the backbone - a smart solution, no new feet needed!!!

you can cut and file all the parts at home and bring the few parts thet need welding to a welder to have it done, it will only take him 5 minutes of simple steel MIG welding. Actually the top handle could be bolted on through the main support and this would allow one to interchange different grips, + no welding needed!

good luck!!


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Thanks for the comments!

Figuring out how to make things as simple and effective as possible is fun and making the stuff as well. Not to mention using it (if it works well, that is)!

The SW is a great piece of equipment and so simple to make - a brilliant idea from Kinney!


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