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Will Grippers Help With Your Pinch Gripping


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i was wondering if the ironmind grippers would help me with my pinching because i really suck at pinch gripping. iwas pinch gripping with the older fella about 52 and he never worked out in his life and still he pinched thirty fives, i can only do twenty fives, but i just started two weeks ago.so i don't know how good that is. so two questions will ironmind grippers help with pinching and is pinching to twenty fives for beginners good. thanks. need info and should i train pinching everyday.

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No, grippers won't really help. If you want to pinch better, pinch. Two 25s is what I can do, and I don't train plate pinch, so the guy who does 35s is probably a natural, or he did some kind of work that gave him strong hands.

Train as often as you can. If you want to train alot, try 4-5 days a week, and just adjust based on how you feel or how fast you recover. You have to experiment and find what works best for you.

I'm not an experienced pinch gripper, but I would do negatives with 35s, as well as train hard with the 25s. good luck.

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I don't think grippers help but using a pony clamp or ttk prolly helps. All i know is last year i never did plate pinches a day in my life and I picked up 2 25's the first time I tried. I credit that to the pony clamp

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You can train your pinch using grippers but you won't improve your pinch when training your crush strength only with them.

From time to time I'm trying to close a Trainer using my thumb and index finger only. Its like using a pony clamp. (However a but more attention is required since the gripper shouldn't slip off!)

Or, I do negatives with it: I force shut it with the other hand and try to hold it with the thumb then.

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I'm not an experienced pinch gripper, but I would do negatives with 35s

OK, stupid question of the day, how do you do negatives with pinch grip?

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Not a stupid question.

I would pick the plates up with two hands and then lower, under as much control as possible, with just the one hand.

All else being equal, you can probably pick up plates with two hands and then hold them with one before you can lift those plates from the floor with one hand.

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