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Pvc Blob


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So I finally got around to making one of the PVC "Blob" type pinch block. I went ahead and glued both halves together, then drilled and tapped a 1/2x13 hole in it. I am going to use a bolt to fill the hole with, as I figure that the plastic on it is over 1/4 inch thick and it should not have a problem with the threads stripping out. I thought this would be an easier way to fill the thing, instead of prying the halves apart and trying not to spill the contents. This leads me to my question...

What are you guys (that have made one) using to fill the thing with and how heavy has anyone been able to get theirs?

So thanks for the info in advance. Have fun.

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How heavy it will be depends on how big it is, but to get the most weight for your volume will it with the smallest grain lead shot you can find.

Just go to McMaster-Carr and search for lead shot

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What size of shot is the smallest?

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The higher the number the smaller the shot. You should be able to easily find #9 which is even smaller.

Here are the most common shot sizes and their diameters:

BBB .190" (4.83mm), BB .180" (4.57mm), 1 .160" (4.06mm), 2 .150" (3.81mm), 3 .140" (3.56mm), 4 .130" (3.30mm), 5 .120" (3.05mm), 6 .110" (2.79mm), 7 1/2 .100" (2.41mm), 8 .090" (.2.29mm), 8 1/2 .085" (2.16mm), 9 .080" (2.03mm).

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