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Heavy Grips


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I just got a set of heavy grips and I was wondering just how inconsistent they are. My 300 and 250 both have handles set at different depths. It's actually kind of nice since they're easier one way than the other. I was thinking about getting some more as "tweener" grippers. Right now my 250 feels like a hard #2 and my 300 feels almost as hard as an Elite. The 100 is easier than the trainer, the 150 is just barely harder than the trainer, and the 200 is like a Super Advanced. What's the lowest and highest levels of difficulty some of you have encountered with the Heavy Grips grippers? I'm wondering if either the 250 or the 300 routinely fall in between the #2 and the #3, or if mine are the typical strengths.

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You're correct that the range of Heavy Grips grippers is very wide. I've closed HG200s that felt like very hard #2s and HG250s that felt like the average #2. A couple of HG300s that felt a bit easier than most #3s. And one HG300 that was well above the level of a #3. A fellow board member here has a mismade HG150(?) that feels like a #2. Now that's some serious range there. Again, I don't look at is as a bad thing, just more in between grippers.

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