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Please Help, Best Exercises (block, Sledge)


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Hi guys

I have a 2 Home made block weights which i attach to a loading pin, one is a peice of 2x4 and the other a 4x4 Which are both covered in electrical tape to make them kinda smooth.

Which exercises will give me a really intense workout for maximum gains in strength and mass.

Cajun :rock

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youve got it Cajun.. block weights for maximum gains. sledge is great for all directions wrists, and a wrist roller is great for that forearm burn!! pinch and pass the blocks with weight for a few weeks or so and see what happens...

be careful because grippers are addictive!!! the Ivanko super gripper is a good versatile tool too and you only need one.. if you can resist the allure of the grippers, go for the ISG.

this is a pretty common question so search the list for past similar threads...


(getting back into this after my epic month long bike tour.. great for my legs, but the rest of my body ate itself up!)

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ive started to see mass in my arms now from wrist curls, reverse wrist curls and reverse barbell curls (thumbless). Do a drop set in either one of those and you will feel the burn.

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