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How To Work In The Rolling Thunder With My Workout


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Guys, thanks for the advice on the #2 coc gripper; I'm struggling but will continue to press on with it and hope to crush it soon and move on to working on a #3.

One thing that I think may help me is the rolling thunder that I have on order. I would appreciate some advice on how to include the rolling thunder lifts into my current routine which is made up of a Power to the People cycle of shoulder press and squat. I also throw in some overhead squats, shrugs, and a few 1 arm clean/press and/or 1 arm snatch. I do this Mon/Tues--Thurs/Fri. and alternate cycles with the deadlift and squat for 3 weeks at a time on each lift.

Could some of you who are experienced with the Rolling Thunder give me some ideas of what has worked well for you and some of the possible things you can do with the rt. I know 1 arm deads are usually the focus. Thanks for the help.

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The RT is pretty much a deadlift tool. I suppose you could work some 1 arm rows with it....

My suggestion would be to end your PTP workout with 5 or so singles per hand with the RT. Work up to a 5-10 count hold with a given weight before increasing the weight.

Thickbar is all about patience and consistency. You may see a decrease in your performance on grippers in the short term, but in the long term you will be stronger for having included thickbar work.

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If you have a suitable surface to drop the weight do negatives with it. Lift with two hands hold till drop with one

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