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So I Put My #3 In A Hoseclamp!

king crusher

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ok guys i have been wanting to do this for awhile.

i put a hose clamp on my #3 at the top of the handles and screwed it down to just over(bigger then) parrelle. is that a good place to screw it down to?

well by doing it normal i dident get it any farther then if i did it from a no set!

but...when i did it inverted and bracing the spring(not squezing) with my left hand i got that beast to about an 1/8 inch!!

so should i just keep doing full range reps with my 1 and 2 and hg250 and keep my 3 in this hoseclamp?

or put my hg250 in one as well?

and will my #3 get weaker staying in the hoseclamp?

should i do alot of warm ups with the unclamped ones then do the 3 or do the 3 first?

thanks for any info or suggestions!!!!


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It will not get weaker being in a hose clamp

I did that with my #3 for a couple weeks it made it easier to do a negative crush b/c I didn't have to set it.

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ok everyone. update....this soon.

you know when i said i got to 1/8 inch inverted well just using my left hand on the spring...well i got alittle pyched up and touched the #3 handles for the very first time!!! im pretty happy. i know its FARRR from a real legal close but i figure now ill work on doing it inverted without even putting my left hand near the spring, then when i do that ill work on bracing rightside up then just work on it normal.

is this a good way to trian for the 3?????

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Training with a hose clamp or other choking device on a gripper is a great way to build the strength necessary to shut those heavy grippers. You can build up a lot of horsepower and that is transferred over to the "legal" squeezes.

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