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Thanks to the members of the Gripboard I am progressing along. Today I bent 3 60d's to under an inch end to end. My question is, how long are grade 5's? I have found 5" but not 6". How long are grade 8's? Lastly, are the challenge bars still available, if so where? Thanks again and keep bending!!!

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They come in every size as the Grade-2's, from 1.5" to 7", in all diameters. The problem is some places like home depot only sell them up to 4", and other places don't sell them at all. Personally, I've found ACE to have a near 100% complete selection of 5's, 8's, and even some 12's.

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I found a place here thats called "fire and fasteners" that seems to have the best selection I've seen, I'd try looking up a specialty store like that in your area, not only is their selection great but they are much cheaper than the home depot, lowes, ace, or anyone else around.

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