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Grip Strength Meter for Rat

Product: #347105

Product Overview:

The 347106 Grip-Strength Meter measures forelimb grip-strength in rats. The effects of drugs, toxins, muscle relaxants, disease, ageing or neural damage on muscle strength may be assessed.

The rat is placed over an acrylic slide plate, in front of a grasping trapeze and pulled backward by the tail. Rodents instinctively grab anything they can to try to stop this involuntary backward movement, until the pulling force overcomes their grip strength. After the animal loses its grip, the peak preamplifier automatically stores the peak pull force and shows it on a liquid crystal display.

The similar 47106 is dimensioned for the mou.se

The data supplied by the peak amplifier are available in digital and analog form. The peak amplifier is provided with a connector for connecting it to the Multifunction Printer.

Grip meter pic.

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Perhaps this could be an event in strongman

Hold on to bar attached to spring balance, tie rope around feet, attach to tractor and then start the tractor, whoever holds on for the greatest tension wins.

Loser gets a double shoulder reconstruction.

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I suppose that's sort of like the hanging plunge, only alot cooler to watch

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How is it that rats can get a cool job like squeezing a dyno all day while I'm here in an office?

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Clay, perhaps if you volunteered to be injected with experimental medicines you could get a job as a lab rat :tongue

I don't know if the benefits would outweigh the possible disadvantages.

Of course you could get lucky and end up with a super mutant grip, oh wait you've got that already!

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