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Ok, I've been meaning to try this at some point, and I finally did it this weekend. WOW. My hands and wrists are so tired today! My fingers were blasted, my thumb pad was shot. I love this! It took one deck to hook me. I will not go on to embarrass myself and show how week I am by telling you how many cards I can tear, but the cool thing about it is this. Microloading! I will get better every week.

For those of you who can do a whole deck pretty fast, I have a couple of questions.

1. How quickly were you able to progress, a couple of cards a week? More?

2. Did you see any carry over from this training to any other grip area's?

I'll keep you guys updated as I keep at it. I have my brother canvassing Casino's in California looking for some good tearing stock.


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Careful, it depends on the deck you have. Some are plastic coated and it will take an act of God to rip them all at once. Some decks are just paper cards that will rip a but easier (it's still hard though!)


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I think when I started ripping them I was doing 35-40 at a time. Then I'd add 5 and try again. My first deck tear took me nearly 10 minutes. Once I stopped trying to use my thumbs and started using my pinky and ring fingers, I went through decks much faster.

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For training purposes you can place a thin strip of duct tape around each end of your stack of cards. This will help keep the top cards from slipping and tearing too quickly. A good way to practice.


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