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GripBoard Mash Monster Rules

GripBoard Mash Monster Rules

1. The gripper must be upright. No inversion allowed.

2. Magnesium Carbonate is the only substance allowed on the hands or gripper.

3. The gripping hand or arm cannot be touched in any way after the set of the gripper except by the torso, as described in rule #5. No holding of the gripper spring after the close is started. ONLY 3 attempts are allowed and ALL must be performed within 15 minutes of the first attempt. It is considered an attempt when the gripper is set and an attempt to close is made. If the hand does not come off the gripper and the other hand is not used to reset the gripper it only counts as one attempt. If the candidate is strong enough to rep it, more power to them!  However, "screwing around" with the cert gripper outside of the normal 3 attempts will void the certification.

4. The gripper can be set with the opposite hand - but not to closer than parallel handles. The setting hand must be clearly removed to observe the close.

5. No bracing is allowed to set the gripper. That is, one cannot use legs, arms, or other parts of their body (except the opposite hand) to set the gripper at the start of the close. In addition, no part of the arm below the elbow is allowed to contact any part of the body, with anywhere from the elbow and above being allowed to contact only the torso.

6. The handles must touch.

7. The gripper cannot be altered in any way prior to the attempt (e.g., no clamps, etc. added to the gripper).

8. The close must be video taped. The video must be of sufficient quality to take a CLEAR still of the gripper handles shown touching (the equivalent of taking a still picture with a camera). The video must then be submitted to Wannagrip for judging after uploading to YouTube as an unlisted video.  ANY posting of stills or video clips of the attempt before it is officially judged will VOID the attempt.

9. For all levels, the handle ends must CLEARLY be shown to prove it is an IM#3 or the respective MMG level gripper. The Mash Monster seal must also be shown to be unbroken on camera prior to the attempt. A broken seal will disqualify the attempt. The gripper can go "off camera" during the attempt if it is deemed by the judges to not be done for the purpose of deception.

10. Three judges from the GripBoard will review the video and vote on each attempt individually.  Two out of three judges must pass the same attempt for the certification to pass.

11. Members must certify as Mash Monster Level 0 first, and must proceed sequentially to higher levels without skipping any (e.g., must be certified at Level 1 in order to attempt Level 2).

11. The gripper box must be opened on the video. The gripper will be then sent back to the steward of the Mash Monster Certs. Failure to open the package containing the gripper on video before the attempt will void the certification. (Note: this is NOT required for the entry level MMG0)

13. Must be a member with good standing on the board.

14. Multiple Certs. While the gripper can only come out of the box once before the first attempt, the video MUST be continuous from one attempt to the next. Each person pays the appropriate fee as though each were certifying alone. However, the candidates can share the expense of sending back the gripper to home base. No cert can be attempted without stating the desire to do so on the grip board.

16. No other person can touch the certifying athlete in any fashion during the attempt or the attempt is void.

17. The athlete has 48 hours to make the certification attempt after the gripper arrives. Failure to do so voids the certification attempt.

Additional Rules Specific to the Mash Monster 0 (entry level).

18. The gripper for the MMG0 certification is an IronMind #3 Gripper. The gripper is not test selected and can be the gripper owned by the athlete. So, variances in grippers are allowed and it's possible that at person could close an MMG level gripper at or even above the MMG1.


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