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GGR - German Grip Rating

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The GGR - German Grip Rating - shall offer in addition to the RGC Rating a better comparibility between gripper and the different brands. Every gripper has its very own difficulty to close. That depends on the RGC Rating but also on the spring diameter itself and the spread. A #3.5 with 200lbs should be easier to close than #4 with 200lbs and a narrow gripper is easier to close that a normal gripper.

That difference does the RGC Rating not contain - it just says how much kg/lbs you'll have to use to close the gripper and at this point the idea of the GGR begins. To calculate the GGR we multiply the RGC Rating, spring diameter and spread.


Finally there is one question: How can you calculate the GGR to the Ironmind numbers and what is a heavy gripper? For this you can use this table:


For spread and the spring diameter we use cm as unit and the GGR itself uses the KG value so it's for the World Class 123,67 x 6,985 x 0876 = 756,71.

So, how does the GGR affect me? Just if you are a gripper nerd and want to certify yourself on this list: GGR Certification. I tried to create certification for the athletes that is fair and easy that you can make from home without any witnesses. For most gripster the RGC Rating should be enough to know.

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