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High volume left vs high intensity right

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When I first started training grippers I decided not to go above a #2 with my left hand, (I’ve had tendon surgery a couple of times a few years ago and I think the risk of injury is greater with the heavier grippers). Anyway now that I can close a #2 with my left hand for a double  I’ve decided to switch that hand to a high rep program with weaker grippers, while keeping my right hand on the same low rep high intensity program that has been giving me good results. In a month I’ll test to see if my max gripper for my left has gone up without heavy grippers. Has anyone had any experience with this kind of thing?

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I did my first workout with this setup. I decided to start with the trainer for a week after I saw one of wannagrip’s old high volume workouts. I’m going to use the trainer for a week, then a week with my #1, then a week with my #2 and see where I am. I got a really good pump in my left forearm. 

Left hand:

store bought gripper- 2x10

trainer- 50-40-35-35-20-20= 200 reps total

trainer- iso hold closed as long as possible


Rught hand:

store bought gripper-2x10

trainer- 2x10

#1- 5 reps

#2- 1 rep

HG250- 3 +1 attempt

              3+1 attempt

              2+1 attempt 

HG300- 2 negatives 

expand your hand bands- 50 reps each hand

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Oh and I’m doing only TNS for the high volume with the left hand. I’m hoping to eventually be able to TNS a #2 for reps with the left

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