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23 Feb 21 

4 days out from the 2021 Show of Hands- we got a TOUGH crew showing up. 
I arm wrestled Sunday with the Fort Worth team, today not as painful as I expected 

my best Finball ever. Before Bonehill 2019 my best lift was 85 lb, I lifted 38.5 kg (84.6 lb) so this 4 lb gain was a nice one today. 


the thumbless axle quest will be my main lift once I finish this weekend. I aim to achieve double body weight 440 lb before New Year’s Day. My current best lift to lock out is 407 lb 

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Strong PR on Finnish Ball🦁 Awesome as always on Thumbless Axle

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Some clips from last few days 

Tanner pulling the best axle lift ever done by a 100 kg lifter in a meet 

my best finball lift yet 

personal goal for 2021 is 395x 10 here is x2. Much room for improvement 

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