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Mike Rinderle

Is Squat Depth Overrated? Interesting article

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On 10/23/2018 at 1:55 PM, climber511 said:

Rick please send me your paper when available - I "know" this stuff but not in depth like you obviously do.  Your use of Bulgarian Split Squats corresponds closely with my step ups  discovery for myself.  I choose the step ups as they are much more specific to hiking.  I also needed the eccentric loading to mimic hiking (not a good wording but I imagine you understand).  My thoughts are the split squats will be better at developing strength but the steps ups are easier to use for endurance development.

Rick - just a reminder if you please to send me a copy of your paper.   I haven't learned anything yet today.  :)


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On 8/27/2018 at 3:43 PM, Mike Rinderle said:

Obviously, if you are training for, or competing in, a powerlifting meet; depth is critical.  But this is an article by two peeps that know their stuff on why it may not be that important (and maybe even harmful) for others based on their goals and body structure. 

My opinion: everyone should go as deep as they comfortably can.  




To get the best development in strenght and hypertrophy you will most likely benefit from full range of motion which atg would be. Halfreps gives half the results.

But that's not everyones goal to get the biggest legs/most strenght. So i agree you should go as deep as your comfortable with and your technique allows you to. With a sidenote that increasing your rom and being more flexible is not a bad idea.

Here's a great swedish article about it with alot of sources in english:



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