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British guys bending& powerlifting log

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If someone could close down my old log i want to start afresh. 


100kg push press

120kg+ benchpress again

Bend a bastard in cert conditions without hurting myself again along the way.

90kg push press @76kgBW from earlier

Chest later so will update with that. 

Hope yaall enjoy 

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Bench press:

60kg x 5 paused reps

80kg x 5 paused reps

90kg x 5 paused reps

100kg x 2 paused reps

105kg x 1 paused reps

110kg x 1 touch and go

For now I will be just posting the big lifts I do not the other ones

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Nothing special but good to know I can still dominate this gripper after all this time.

Worked up to 90kg jerk. Really training those fast twitch fibres at the moment as it's carrying over well to my upper body development and especially bench.

Pretty much just working on technique with my pressing at the moment

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Bench press: touch and go no bounce

60kg x 3 reps

80kg x 3 reps

90kg x 3 reps

100kg x 4 reps

105kg x 1 rep

110kg x 1 rep

100kg x 3 reps warm down

skullcrushers also

also bent an irongrip 140kg and repped out #2 gripper.

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Squats yesterday worked up to 100kg with pause at the bottom and grippers inbetween each set of squats.


Bench today: mock competition to see what I can do.

60kg x 1

70kg x 1

80kg x 1

90kg x 1

100kg x 1

105kg x 1

110kg x 1

115kg x 1 nice pause at the bottom here

Think I was good for 120kg today but didn't wanna push it as I still ached from Wednesday.


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Thanks david! building my bench back up!

Todays chest session:

Flat bench:

60kg x 8 reps

70kg x 8 reps

85kg x 8 reps

85kg x 10 reps

87.5kg x 8 reps

80kg x 10 reps

Close grip bench

60kg x 8

65kg x 8

70kg x 7

75kg x 6

80kg x 5

Triceps were pretty burnt out by the end...

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More bench:

60kg x 2 reps

80kg x 2 reps

85kg x 2 reps

90kg x 2 reps

95kg x 2 reps

100kg x 2 reps

105kg x 2 reps

107.5kg x 2 reps

110kg x 2 reps

60kg x 5 reps

80kg x 5 reps

85kg x 5 reps

90kg x 5 reps

95kg x 5 reps

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Vulcan gripper: black spring

level 3 x 1 overcrush

level 4 x 1 overcrush

level 5 x 1 overcrush

level 6 x 1 overcrush

level 7 x 1 overcrush

level 8 x 1 overcrush

level 9 x 1 overcrush

level 10 x 1 overcrush PR

level 11 x 1 overcrush PR

level 3 x failure


quick question...what does a #2 #2.5 #3 translate to on black spring? I read level 15 is coc 3 maybe?

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yeah I'm deadlifting, not that much though as I have had various injuries to my spine in the last few years. So I mostly just squat heavy

I don't post half the stuff I do :/

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OHP@76/77KG BW

40kg x 3 reps

45kg x 3 reps

50kg x 3 reps

55kg x 3 reps

60kg x 3 reps

65kg x 3 reps

70kg x 3 reps

75kg x 3 reps

77.5kg x 3 reps

80kg x 3 reps!! wooh felt good today

only got two last week so progress. Bench on Monday! still waiting on my fbbc steel order


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Been rather busy lately and lack of motivation.

Push Press

40kg x 5

45kg x 5

50kg x 5

55kg x 5

60kg x 5

65kg x 5

70kg x 5

75kg x 4

75kg x 3

80kg x 1

85kg x 1

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Received my fbbc stock yesterday soo...


1/4" x 7" ss square in bbw x 2

9/32" x 7" ss round x 1

L drill rod bend very easy bend!

Also bent either a M, N or 19/64" 7" peice wasnt sure as it wasnt labelled when i got it

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Was pretty beaten up from bending yesterday so gave it what I could today.

Bench press

60kg x 3 reps

80kg x 3 reps

90kg x 3 reps

95kg x 3 reps

100kg x 5 reps

100kg x 4 reps

110kg x 1 paused

Military press

40kg x 8 reps

45kg x 8 reps

50kg x 8 reps

55kg x 8 reps

60kg x 8 reps

Lay off a few days then bend again I think

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Worked up to a one arm dumbell press of 53kg for shoulders


Crushed down from 4" 

9/32 ss x 7" x 1

irongrip 135kg x 2

M drill rod

Full bend:

N drill rod. first hit was huge! only needing 2 hits before crush

Bending is really coming on well at the moment, my crush has finally caught up with my kink and sweep. The stainless and drill rod has helped enormously on the crush as it springs back and puts up a fight. Will unbox and bend my first red nail on camera as soon as its arrives in the next few days :) unless its a mutant batch i should be fine

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Bastards and red nails should arrive tomorrow!20160816_131318.jpg

N Drill rod attempt in singles. Not bad! Shows the kink strength is there for sure.

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