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Chez vs The MM8: Whatever it takes

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Light accessory work last night. Just stuff I didn’t get a chance to do other days:

Lat Pull Downs 

170 lbs - 10x

180 lbs - 10x

190 lbs - 10x

200 lbs - 10x

Machine Rear Laterals 

100 lbs - 10x

110 lbs - 10x

120 lbs - 10x

130 lbs - 10x

Hanging Knee Raises 

4 sets of 10x BW


4 sets of 10x BW

Machine Chest Supported Rows 

187.5 lbs (whole stack) - 4 sets of 8x

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My first bad bench session of this cycle. Guess it was bound to happen eventually and this is week 11. 

Bench Press

4 warm ups

250 lbs - 8x, 8x, 7x - probably could have gotten the 8th but didn’t have a spot so I didn’t risk it, 7x with the last one spotted. Argh! Not good. I should have gotta all 4 sets of 8 clean. I’m off today. Had to use a bar I hate 

325 lb Smith Machine Negative with a 10 count 

240 lbs - 10x with the 10th spotted. Was able to get a better bar.

Floor Press - every rep paused 

245 lbs - 3x

265 lbs - 2x

285 lbs - 1x

- this was free weight at my buddy’s house. Trying to get use to it again cause I have been using the smith machine lately for it 

Incline Bench 

225 lbs - 3x

245 lbs - 3x

265 lbs - 2x 

Machine Pec Deck Flys Palms down

250 lbs (stack) - 4 sets of 10x

Note - really annoyed with the first 4 sets of bench. Couple things went wrong today. I got to the gym late and it was packed. I had to rush the sets with less rest then I would like Because I had to drive around the corner to my friends for floor press after. Had to use a bar I hate. Didn’t have my normal preworkout drink. Excuses excuses.......I will keep the reps on those sets and try to bounce back next week. Still annoyed 

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