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With 5 months remaining in my timetable for a

personal wrist curl record, progress is coming


This morning after warming up:

160 x 5

185 x 2

210 x 2

230 x 1

240 x 1

190 x 11

The 240 felt as though all the collective lost poundage of all

the Weight Watcher's chapters were sitting on my wrist.

So I think I'll drop back to 225 and rep out for a few workouts.

Fibers were called into action that had been on a decade long

vacation- but does it feel good!

My first goal is 250 x 6, and eventually 300 x 1. When I manage the first, I assume I can do one rep with about 275-

but that is future and that is theory. For now, 240, and edging

upward. ;)

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I believe David Horne has probably wrist curled 180-200,

or at least had the strength to (on a dumbell).

A revolving bell is better to eliminate momentum. Solid bells

are harder to begin the rep with, but I have found them easier

once the bell starts moving.

I straddle the bench longways, put a couple of pads on the bench so when I begin the reps my wrists are not bent back

(down)to an extreme.

Then I lean forward with hands slighty past my knees, lean

back and thrust the bar upward. That is the starting position.

I never start heavy wrist curls in the down position. Of course

what I just described is for the first rep only to get into


Sometimes I use a dumbell over the corner, not the flat end,

of a bench. This way the bells clear the upholstery and use can use your other hand to spot.

Hope this helps.

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